ACS Amman-Ruwwad partnership

The ACS / Ruwwad partnership has kicked off with our initial visit to the Ruwwad Center in Jabal Al Nazif, the experience  was an outstanding experience last Saturday. Our ACS Ruwwad Scholars have teamed with the Youth Scholars from underprivileged upbringings and will collaborate with them, using Design Thinking, towards a common topic and objective that they have discussed.
The Topics that emerged
are as follows:
Teaching ELL students
Workshop to improve participation of girls in social activities
Drama production
Sports Tournament
Film production
The ACS Ruwwad scholars are:
  1. Lea Handal
  2. Ali Saadi
  3. Mona Dabbas
  4. Camille Zakhour
  5. Zein Haj Hassan
  6. Yasmin Badr
  7. Nour Bseiso
  8. Kenz Assaf
  9. Hala Sandouqa
  10. Karima Dajani
We are looking forward to our next meeting on Saturday, October 15th at ACS. We will be using the Design Thinking model to start the planning.

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