Define 1 – Collage

Design Thinking  method created by via CC BY-NC-SA 3.0





What does this student need?




Typical Responses
– Stool/Ladder
– Books to stand on
– Someone to help them get the book

Designer Response
– There is a reason they want that specific book
– They want the information inside the book
– They want to connect to a character from the book



Now that you have empathized with a situation or problem, it’s time to focus on finding a solution to the problem. The purpose of the ‘define’ step is to decide on a specific solution to the problem.



Objective: Create a photo collage that is a visual representation of how you feel about one of the prompts below.

Resource: For this activity, we will be using Befunky to create a photo collage. You can either go to their website, or download the app to your phone:

Befunky Website
Befunky Mobile App


1. Your collage must have the following:
– At least 7 photographs
– All of the photos must be taken by you. You cannot use images from online
All photos must be school appropriate.

2. Using Befunky, create a photo collage that demonstrates your thoughts or how you feel about one of the following:

  • Exploring my world
  • My school day
  • Taking control of my life
  • How I see myself in the future

3. Save the collage and post the image to your Google+ cohort community page:




Gaza Camp Visit





Garage Method: Empathy Maps by IBM Bluemix Garage Method via YouTube.


Defining a Problem: Crash Course Kids #18.1 by Crash Course Kids via YouTube.


Episode 5.1 Identifying and Defining Problems by Center for Innovation in Legal Education via YouTube.


Embrace – Defining a Point of View – An Intro to Design Thinking by Corey Ford via Vimeo.