Grade 11

Design Thinking by via CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


Learning Behavior Assessment

Teachers will be focusing on the following Learning Behaviors for the Design Thinking cohort sessions:


All assignments must be posted to your Google+ Cohort Community page (see cohort list below).

ASSIGNMENT #1 – Mix Tape Assignment
Create a mixtape for another person at school.

Think about your song selection and what, exactly, you want to say to them through songs. Read this article if you want more ideas about building your mixtape.

1. Go to the DragonTape website, and create an account using your school email address.

2. Create a mixtape of five songs.

3. Share the mix to your Design Thinking Cohort Google+ Community page.


ASSIGNMENT #2 – Guest Speaker – Mrs. Qursha

Watch Mrs. Qursha’s presentation here.

After listening to guest speaker Mrs. Qursha, reflect on the questions below. Post your responses to your Google+ Community Cohort page.

1. How does Mrs. Qursha use empathy in her work?

2. How did you empathize with the children’s situation?

3. What are some ‘wicked problems’ that came up during the presentation?


ASSIGNMENT #3 – Zaatari Reflection Questions

  1. After watching Clouds Over Sidra, did you feel that you could empathize with the refugees at the Zaatari camp?
  2. Did watching the virtual reality video make you feel more connected to the story?
  3. What ‘wicked problems’ are the refugees facing in the Zaatari camp?
  4. What are some possible solutions to some of the ‘wicked problems’?


ASSIGNMENT #4 – Collage
Create a photo collage that is a visual representation of how you feel about one of the prompts below.

1. Your collage must have the following:
– At least 7 photographs
– All of the photos must be taken by you. You cannot use images from online
– All photos must be school appropriate.

2. Using Befunky, create a photo collage that demonstrates your thoughts or how you feel about one of the following:

-Exploring my world
-My school day
-Taking control of my life
-How I see myself in the future

3. Save the collage and post the image to your Google+ cohort community page.



  1. Pick a partner from your cohort.
  2. Review their collage and think about the following questions:
    1. How would you describe the collage?
    2. What do you think the photos represent about the person?
    3. How are the photographs related to their prompt?
    4. Can you think of any needs the person may have? Remember, a designer often looks beyond what’s in front of them and looks for deeper connections to people and problems.
  3. In order to gain more insight/information about your partner:
    1. create at least five interview questions about their collage.
    2. write down the questions
  4. Interview your partner and make notes of their responses.
  5. On your Google+ cohort page, post a comment under your partner’s collage with the following:
    1. One paragraph summarizing what you learned about your partner.
    2. A list of your interview questions.



You will be conducting one ‘Why Interview’ and then complete a POV statement.  You will post a summary of the 5 Whys interview as well as the POV statement to your Google+.

This would be a great place you to use your passion project ideas as a reference for this interview.  You can start the process with the question, “Why are you interested in this project?”

“5 Whys” STEPS

  1. This one is pretty easy. Start by asking a pretty broad question about your Interview participant’s habits or behaviors then ask “why” to their response five times in a row.
  2. Remember that you’re not asking a horizontal question, (ie “Why else didn’t you get a good harvest this year?”) you’re actually going for depth (ie “Why weren’t you able to buy the fertilizer you needed?”).
  3. Write down what you hear, paying special attention to moments when it feels like you’ve moved a level deeper into understanding why the person does what she does.
  4. Keep in mind that you might not get to the core stuff until the fourth or fifth “Why.”

POV Statement

___(student name)___ thinks Amman needs a way to_________(verb)______because____________(Suprising Insight)______.


You will post a summary of the 5 Whys interview as well as the POV statement to your Google+.


ASSIGNMENT #7 – Ideate

Stages of Design Thinking by FHIL Channel via YouTube

Your assignment:

The “5th grade homework” below was given to a video game development team to begin the creative brainstorm process of an imaginary planet.  This is what they eventually created with their brainstorm…

No Man’s Sky – Launch Trailer by PlayStation via YouTube

With a partner, complete the “5th grade assignment” below. Take a picture and post to Google+.  Make sure you “label and describe”



ASSIGNMENT #8 – Ideate

1.) Watch the video

2.) Please compleate this form.

3.) If you have time, finish up any cohort stuff you have pending.


Assignment #9

Stages of Design Thinking: Prototype by Florida Health Innovation Lab via Youtube

Today you will continue ideating AND will start the prototype process.  Your assignment is to pitch (test) your idea to a group.  To begin, you will make a 6 slide Google presentation about your Passion Project idea.  

Slide 1 – Title of Project – Just the title and your name

Slide 2 – Empathy – Who are you empathising with?  What niche are you filling?  What are you making better?

Slide 3 – Define – What is the problem you are trying to solve?  

Slide 4 – Ideate – What other ideas did you have?  Why did you choose what you chose?

Slide 5 – Prototype – What will your finished product look like?  If it is a service, what will the service consist of?  If you are working on a personal skill, what are you preparing for?

Slide 6 – Test – This is when your audience will give you feedback and ask questions…

Include photos if you would like.  This presentation will be used to pitch your ideas to an audience next week.  In other words, take it seriously.  

Click here for an example of a presentation created in Mrs. J’s class.  

If you have already done this in Mrs. J’s class please make any necessary adjustments or changes and finish up any other cohort work you have pending.

Post a link to Google+ to complete your assignment.  Every student should have a link, even if you are working in a group.  

Why are we doing this?  This is a part of the ideation phase, prototype phase and test phase.  Next week you will present your ideas to an audience and they will critique what you present.  From there, you can begin to make changes and begin to plan first steps in actually making these ideas reality.  Again, this is your opportunity to take learning into your own hands.  Take this seriously and you WILL achieve awesomeness.  We are excited to see your next steps.  


Assignment #10


Today you will be finishing up your presentations and giving feedback to other students.

1.)  At 3pm, your Google presentation must be posted on Google+.

2.)  If you have ‘finished’ before 3, you MUST spend your time giving feedback to other students on Google+.  You may ask clarifying questions and give constructive feedback.  Please be concise and use the Design Thinking model to ask questions and present feedback.  The more we use common language the better.

3.)  You can find other student projects here… for reference.


Assignment #11

Today we are going to work on testing a prototype.  You are also going to throw your work out there to see what others think of your ideas and rough prototypes.  

In Design Thinking, the ‘ideate’ stage is where you bravely come up with awesome, zany and sometimes unrealistic ideas as to how you can solve a ‘wicked problem’.  You have ideated, and from there created a VERY rough prototype in the form of a plan (Google Presentation).  Today we are going to “test” our prototypes by giving and receiving feedback on our presentations.

Here are the steps of what you will do today.

1.) You must set your Google Presentation to view only and anyone in the American Community School can have access.


2.) You must read, assess and then leave feedback or questions on EVERY student’s project in your assigned cohort.  You might have to comment on ten different presentations.  This is done in Google+.    

3.)  You may ask naive or clarifying questions.  You may give constructive advice.  You might even give constructive criticism. 

4.)  You may not simply write, “I like your idea.”  You must explain why.  Feedback is unproductive if it is not clear.  Please try to engage in conversation. 

Hint:  Go back to the interview practice when trying to construct feedback.  Remember to be clear since you are writing your comments as opposed to doing a face to face interview. 

When you are finished you will have left constructive feedback/questions for every student in your assigned cohort.

Mrs. Crockett’s students will assess Mrs. Abu Jabber’s students

Mrs. Abu Jabber’s students will assess Mrs. Bouari’s students

Mrs. Bouari’s students will assess Mrs. Swinehart’s students

Mrs. Swinehart’s students will assess Mr. Isley’s students

Mr. Isley’s students will assess Mrs. Crockett’s students


16-17 Abu Jaber

16-17 Bouari

16-17 Crockett

16-17 Isley

16-17 Ms.Swinehart 

Assignment #12

Today is the last cohort before winter break.  Your job today is to go through all of the assignmnets and make sure you have posted EVERYTHING you need on Google+.  If you have finished everything, please take the time to engage with your peers on Google+.  Respond to any comments you may have received last week and feel free to follow up with other projects.

Your deadline to have everything posted to Google+ is 3pm.

Here are some other passion projects from 11th graders in the States.  It might give you some inspiration.