Project Rock

It all started from an abstract thought. I didn’t know what I wanted to do at first, but I knew I wanted to create a product that individuals would want to purchase one day. It took me a while for the thought of building an electrical guitar to come into my mind. I always had this passion for learning how to play several of my favorite classical rock artists’ songs, which primarily features the crude yet elegant electrical guitar. However, when I was given the opportunity to build my own electrical guitar and learn how to play the instrument afterwards, I couldn’t resist the offer. I started with multiple sketches. Tremendous amounts of pages would cover my work area, written with the vision I had for my classical guitar’s apparel. Afterwards, I had to do some research about electromagnetism, circuitry, and the sound spectrum. The knowledge I gained from my research helped me model the electrical components in my guitar and explain how sound is amplified. By imbedding the sciences and the arts together in my passion project, I was able to acquire a greater learning experience from it. After weeks of planning, I was able to start constructing my own instrument with the parts purchased from the school. This only took a few days since I created blueprints beforehand. However, after countless numbers of failed tests where the guitar would not perform a certain function that I would like it to do, I would always go back into remodeling my design. Now, my electric guitar hangs out in the learning commons, ready for anyone to play it.